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Maximizing school facility funding for our clients through focused, independent 

consulting services.

Desert Sands Unified School District

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Founded in 2005, Hancock Park & DeLong, Inc. is a small, boutique firm dedicated and focused solely on ensuring our California school district clients and other stakeholders engaged in school facilities:

▪  Understand, access, and maximize state, federal, and other funding programs for school construction;

▪  Have input on law and regulations that affect them; and,

▪  Have a knowledgeable representative advocating for their specific issues.  


Our experience, commitment, and success in assisting clients across the state in maximizing school facility funding is unmatched.   Hancock Park & DeLong, Inc. has a combined 94-year history of knowledge and experience in both the public and private sector in garnering grants for educational facilities.  Our record of success on behalf of our clients is clear as we have obtained over $1.5 billion in school facility grant funding and avoided the return of millions of state grant funding through successful negotiations with the Office of Public School Construction and formal appeals to the State Allocation Board.


With decades of experience as civil servants working for the Office of Public School Construction and State Allocation Board, former and the current Principal at Hancock Park & DeLong, Inc. were all significantly involved at the executive, policy and regulatory level in creating and administering the current state facility funding programs.  Members of our firm literally wrote and/or directed the writing of the majority of the regulations in effect today.  We also have been directly responsible and instrumental in assisting districts in obtaining billions of dollars in school facility funding in the last 30 years as public sector employees.  Our experience in the public sector gives us unique insight into the rules and regulations that drive a district’s financing opportunities, thereby maximizing them to their fullest. 



Hancock Park & DeLong, Inc. offers clients dedicated and independent school facilities consulting services by focusing solely on navigating the extremely complex and highly-regulated grant programs.



Eligibility Determination for State and Federal School Facility Programs


Funding Applications for State and Federal School Facility Programs

Site and Plan Approvals from the Department of Education

Program and Project Funding Strategic Planning

Cost Estimation for State Projects

Project Expenditure, Audit, and Closeout Reviews

Facility Master Plan Assistance

Developer Fee Reports


State Funding Programs and Opportunities

Legislation Impacts

Presentations to Schools Boards, Citizens Oversight Committees, and Other Constituent / Stakeholder Groups


Monitoring, analysis, and advisement on the activities of, and appeals to, the:


State Allocation Board


Office of Public School Construction


California Department of Education




California School Finance Authority


Department of Industrial Relations


Department of Toxic Substances Control

California Energy Commission



Chris DeLong
Jessica Love

Mobile: 480.559.3287

Mobile: 916.832.1047


Mobile: 408.429.5459

Mobile: 916.425.1986

Kelly Long

Mobile: 916.205.4179


Mobile: 916.917.9664



Christopher L. DeLong brings 27 years of school facility program experience with eleven years of public sector experience at the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC) where he served in various capacities as he rose to management levels. Beginning his career with OPSC as a Project Manager, he soon was promoted to Project Management Supervisor for the Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino, and San Diego counties where he was instrumental in assisting the districts with maximizing eligibility and garnering funds for the construction and modernization of school facilities. 


Chris's extensive knowledge of the state school building programs and ability to problem solve to the benefit of his school district clients earned him a position on the OPSC Senior Management Team as the Policy Manager. This important and influential position involved the management and development of official OPSC / State Allocation Board (SAB) positions on all proposed legislation that affected the various school facility programs administered by the SAB. In this capacity, he also provided technical expertise to legislative committee staff on the state school facility funding programs.


Chris became known to the wider school construction community through his extensive participation on the SAB Implementation Committee where he directed and participated in the development and presentation of significant state policies and regulations on many diverse facilities programs such as the Overcrowding Relief Grants, Charter School Facilities, Career Technical Education Facilities, Seismic Mitigation, Emergency Repair, and Federal Renovation Programs.

In addition, Chris was responsible for orchestrating the development of appeals and the crafting of special reports on public policy issues that were presented to the SAB.

Since his tenure at Hancock Park & DeLong, Inc., Chris has garnered approval for over $900 million in various School Facility Program funds and over $350 million in Emergency Repair Program approvals for our clients working closely with the California Department of Education, Department of Toxic Substances Control, Division of the State Architect, OPSC/SAB, and other state agencies.


Chris earned a Bachelor's of Science degree in Environmental Design with an emphasis in architecture from the University of California, Davis. During his studies and after graduation, he worked in the design field for UC Davis before joining the government sector.


Jessica Love has 17 years of school facilities experience, three years at HP&D and 10 years experience working as both a project manager and program analyst at the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC) where she regularly worked with client school districts to establish, adjust, and review eligibility and requests for funding in the various School Facility Programs.  In addition, Jessica most recently worked with the Policy and Specials Team of the OPSC where she reviewed and processed facility hardship and appeal requests to the State Allocation Board. 


Jessica also has an extensive background in the implementation of legislation and administrative regulations as she assisted in the development of the Critically Overcrowded Schools Program that was created as a result of the passage of Proposition 47 in 2002.


Jessica holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Managerial Economics from the University of California at Davis.


Kelly Long has 7 years of school facilities experience at HP&D and 16 years of public service experience with the State of California in a broad range of grant programs, regulatory issues, and procurement.   Most notably, Kelly brings over five years of experience working at the OPSC where, as a School Facility Program Analyst, Kelly assisted large and small school districts across the State with eligibility determinations and funding requests for modernization and new construction. 


Kelly was a key participant in the development and administration of the Career Technical Education Facilities Program and routinely presented proposals to the State Allocation Board Implementation Committee.  Kelly also approved requests for site acquisition, analyzed legislation, reviewed facility hardship applications, and drafted appeals to the State Allocation Board.  


Kelly holds a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Anthropology and a minor in Geology from the University of Utah.


Barbara Kampmeinert worked for the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC) for 20 years including serving as the Deputy Executive Officer from December 2014 through June 2023. As Deputy Executive Officer, Barbara assisted the Executive Officer in the day to day operations of OPSC, and was chief adviser on all policy, fiscal, and administrative matters. Prior to her role as Deputy Executive Officer she served as Chief of Administrative Services, Poiicy Manager, and supervisor for multiple units including Legislation, Policy, and Program Services. Barbara started her OPSC career as a Project Manager working with school districts of all sizes throughout the various regions of the state, addressing the eligibility and funding needs of remote rural districts, large urban districts, and everything in between. She has also directly worked with, supervised, or managed all funding rounds for the Charter School Facilities Program since Proposition 55 in 2005. Her experience in the many areas and levels of OPSC gives her a deep understanding of the technical and policy aspects of State Allocation Board, the School Facility Program, the California Preschool, Transitional Kindergarten, and Full Day Kindergarten Facilities Grant Program, and all other State Allocation Board administered programs. She also was instrumental in implementing the Regional K-16 Education Collaboratives Grant Program in 2022.


Prior to her time at the Office of Public School Construction, Barbara served as a Research Analyst for a children’s mental health and social services agency in Sacramento. She earned both her Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Sociology at California State University, Sacramento.



Wesley Hofmann hails from the Silicon Valley where he lived his entire life.  Wesley brings a fresh new perspective to our firm.  Wesley previously spent 13+ years working at a restaurant delivery company in Sunnyvale, California.  He started in

the customer service department and later worked as the Account Manager.  Wesley has four years of school facilities experience as a part of the Hancock Park & DeLong team.  


Mr. Hofmann holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Theatre Arts from San Jose State University.


Regina Bills-Dacong has 18 years of school facilities experience, 6 of those as a project manager and program analyst at the Office of Public School Construction (OPSC), where she worked with school districts throughout the state to determine eligibility and process funding requests for various School Facility Programs.  Regina also assisted with the development and implementation of new facilities programs and regulations, and presented proposals to the State Allocation Board Implementation Committee.  Since leaving OPSC, Regina has served as a consultant to client school districts throughout the state to provide services in school planning and funding while working at architectural, engineering and planning firms. 

In addition to her experience in school facilities, Regina has held analyst and management positions for the State of California in Human Resources and Administration.


Regina holds Bachelor’s of Administration degrees in Business Administration and Psychology from Mount St. Mary’s University.




Hancock Park & DeLong, Inc.

Bruce Hancock, Chris DeLong
Former Principals: Stephanie Gonos, Luisa Park, & Bruce Hancock

We are located in midtown Sacramento at:

1722 J Street, Suite 224, Sacramento, CA  95811



  Telephone:   916.832.1047


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